My Wedding Photography 

You are engaged and wanna get married? You're crazy in love with each other? You love authentic and lovely photos, without big poses but with huge emotions? You want to get married in a beautiful place? I'm pretty sure we are soulmates! 

I love authentic couples who marry just like they want to.

I love intimate and emotional  weddings in a vintage and boho, or just natural style. An emotional day full of love with your loved ones.

All focused on beautiful and natural details, full of harmony and love, without glitter and a huge show. 

'Cause it's all about love on your day, right?! I mean this day is only  happening because of your love for each other! Because it was meant to be that you met each other and found your soulmate for the rest of your life and further! 

So you really don't need so much bling bling around you, all you need is already there! I love those weddings full of love and beautiful details.

Do you like this too?

Then let us talk about your day, I can't wait to meet you!

Oh and if you're wedding is out of Germany that's absolutely no problem!

I love traveling and destination weddings. I will also charge only the costs I have for my traveling but nothing more! If you wanna have more informations just write me a message! 

Before you're going to write me everything about your wedding day, I just wanna give you a little chart, where I photograph weddings all around the world. And if your

country is mentioned, there should be nothing holding you back, to write me a message! 

Germany                        Portugal                      Seychelles                            New Zealand 

Italy                                   France                          Cambodia                            Australia

Malta                                Monaco                       Thailand                                Ireland 

Spain                                 Singapore                   China                                      England 

Majorca                           Hawaii                          USA & Canada                   Scotland 

Greece                             Bali                                 Africa                                      Denmark

Cyprus                             Bahamas                      Mauritius                             Czech Republic  

Brazil                                Maledives                    Dominican Republic       Netherlands 

Sweden                           Norway                         Finland                                   Latvia 

Hungary                         Iceland                           Belgium                                 Luxembourg 

Switzerland                  Austria                           Poland                                    Ukraine 

Let's connect and say yes to emotional photos
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